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Triumphs and Transitions: The Unstoppable Journey of the Lakeshore Women's Triathlon 2024

Lakeshore Women's Triathlon 2024

In 2023, the Lakeshore Women's Triathlon found a new home in Saugeen Shores, sparking excitement and anticipation among athletes and spectators alike.

The event, held on August 12th, was not just a competition but a celebration of female strength, endurance, and camaraderie.

With a history stretching back to 2000, the triathlon's move from Kincardine to Saugeen Shores was met with enthusiasm and support, breathing new life into this cherished event.

A New Chapter with Historic Roots

The Lakeshore Women's Triathlon stands as a testament to Janet Bannerman's vision and determination. Inspired by her first triathlon experience in Milton, Ontario, Janet recognized a unique opportunity to empower women and simultaneously support the local community in Kincardine, where she managed the Rehab Centre.

Her innovative concept? An all-women's triathlon designed to not only foster a sense of empowerment in a supportive, competitive environment but also to raise funds for those in need of mobility aids.

In collaboration with the Kincardine Triathlon Club, Janet's vision became a reality in July 2001. The event, initially dubbed the Kincardine Women's Triathlon, quickly became renowned for its ability to sell out annually, attracting participants eager to challenge themselves and support a noble cause.

More than just a race, it has opened the doors of triathlon to countless women, establishing a legacy of empowerment and community support fueled by Janet's relentless passion.

Fast forward over two decades, and the triathlon embraced a new chapter in Saugeen Shores. 2023 marked its debut year in this picturesque location, with Port Elgin Main Beach offering a stunning setting for the event.

This transition to Saugeen Shores was met with incredible enthusiasm from both athletes and spectators, a testament to the enduring spirit of the event and its participants.

The seamless move was made possible by the dedication of countless volunteers and the welcoming embrace of the local community, underscoring the triathlon's foundational values of empowerment and support.


The 2023 Event: Triumphs and Milestones

The 2023 Lakeshore Women's Triathlon showcased an impressive array of talent across its categories. Victoria Sandre of Port Elgin emerged victorious in the overall competition, completing the triathlon in an astounding 38:38, demonstrating exceptional prowess, especially in the running segment.

Close behind were the Wells sisters, Tova and Livia, from Kingston, who excelled in their respective age categories, displaying a well-rounded performance in swimming, biking, and running.

The event celebrated not only the winners but all participants who brought their own unique stories and challenges to the race. From seasoned triathletes to first-timers, the diverse backgrounds and skill levels of the competitors underscored the triathlon's inclusive spirit.

The detailed results posted on Race Roster reflect the dynamic nature of the triathlon community and serve as an encouragement for more women to take on the challenge in future events.

Here’s coverage from last year’s event thanks to Sandy Lindsay, Saugeen Times. 

Beyond the Race: A Community Effort

The Lakeshore Women's Triathlon is more than just a sporting event; it's a platform for giving back to the community and fostering a spirit of volunteerism. The organization's effort to recruit a volunteer treasurer and the open call for various volunteering roles underscore the communal endeavor behind the triathlon's success.

The event's history of raising over $100,000 for local community groups continues, highlighting the importance of support and contribution beyond the physical challenge.

Looking Forward to Lakeshore Women's Triathlon 2024

With the 2024 Lakeshore Women's Triathlon set for July 20th at Port Elgin Main Beach, the anticipation is building for another extraordinary event. The triathlon promises to offer challenges and rewards for women of various fitness levels and age groups, with a 375m swim, a 10km bike ride, and a 3km run.

The inclusion of duathlon and relay options broadens the scope for participation, ensuring that everyone can find their place in this empowering journey.

Registration is now open, with early bird, regular, and late options available to accommodate all interested participants. The commitment to providing a supportive and inclusive environment remains strong, with the organizers inviting women to join in this celebration of strength, determination, and community spirit.


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As we reflect on the success of the 2023 event and look forward to the 2024 Lakeshore Women's Triathlon, it's clear that this event is more than just a race. It's a testament to the power of women coming together to achieve their goals, support one another, and make a positive impact on their community.

Whether as participants, volunteers, or supporters, everyone is invited to be part of this inspiring event.

Learn More

To learn more and get involved check out the Lakeshore Women’s Triathlon website and their Facebook page.

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