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Personal Training

Personal Training

Personal Training @LakeshoreRecreation

Personal training brings invaluable benefits, offering tailored workout plans, expert guidance, and motivation. A personal trainer ensures proper form, minimizes injury risks, and maximizes efficiency. This individualized approach not only accelerates results but also provides a deeper understanding of your body, making the gym experience a more rewarding and efficient journey to optimal health.

In addition to customized workouts and expert guidance, personal training at the gym provides crucial mental health benefits, fostering stress reduction, mood improvement, and overall well-being through regular exercise and supportive encouragement.


Jeff Virgo- Jeff served for 5 years in the Canadian Armed forces with Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI). While on duty he suffered  a spinal cord injury (SCI) resulting in paralysis from the waist down. With extensive rehabilitation & hard work I was able to regain the ability to walk again.

He has enjoyed many experiences post injury from being one of the Torch Barriers for the Parapan American Games in Toronto, competing in two Invictus Games (UK in 2014 and Orlando in 2016) for wounded warriors of allied nations, as well has raced in sprint kayak over the last 3 years. He has also worked with youth as Program Manager at multi sports camp in Quebec, from coaching soccer and being advocate for accessibility & being active.

As a fitness instructor & personal trainer at Lakeshore Recreation he feels his persistence, positive attitude and sense of humor have made me popular with other members.

Jeff's E-Mail-


Jen Dunbar--  Jen has been a certified personal trainer with CanFit Pro since 2008, Beyond her foundational certification, she has earned qualifications in certified nutrition and wellness, PiYO, and spin. She also teaches group fitness classes of all levels.

Jen's passion for fitness is deeply rooted in her desire to guide clients on a lifelong journey toward wellness. More than just physical health, she is on a mission to transform perspectives on fitness, advocating for body positivity and passionately working to remove weight biases.

With a personal understanding of weight biases, stemming from not fitting into the typical fitness standards, I bring empathy and a refreshing perspective to my approach. My mantra is, "I'm not training to be skinny".

Jen's Website: 

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Lisa -- All of her life, she has been physically active and her interest in fitness dates back to her teenage years. However, it wasn’t until she joined Lakeshore Recreation in 2022 that she became her fittest self, which she attributed to adding in strength training to my workout routine. After experiencing the transformative effects, she became certified as a personal trainer so that she could help others see and feel the benefits of resistance training.


Lisa  loves the simplicity of this quote: “Strength serves a greater purpose.” It is her belief that strength goes so much deeper than just how much we lift or how much muscle we have. Lifting weights can change your body, it can impact your mind, and it can leave an impression on your soul.

Lisa's passion is to help you improve your fitness level in simple and realistic ways, discovering what your body is truly capable of with just enough hard work. When she is not lifting weights, you might find her teaching a spin class or Pilates class.

Lisa's Website: 

Hannah- At Lakeshore Recreation, we believe in a holistic approach to health and fitness. That’s why we’ve partnered with nutritionist Hannah Greig to provide our members with the best services possible. With Hannah’s expertise and our excellent gym facilities, members can expect to see improvements in their overall fitness, as well as their mental and emotional wellbeing. Hannah is passionate about helping clients reach their goals and providing them with the support they need to make lasting changes. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, build muscle, or just get healthier, Hannah is here to help.

Hannah's Website:

Getting Started

Getting Started at Lakeshore Recreation 



Personalized Assessment --$75
Single Sessions -- $55

Bronze - 3 Sessions @ $160, exp 1 month after purchase
Silver - 6 sessions @ $300, exp 3 months after purchase
Gold - 10 sessions @ $480, exp 6 months after purchase

Get Started
Personalized Assessment + 9 sessions @ $520, exp 6 months from purchase.

Experience the power of small group training where every session is infused with fun, exclusive perks, and the motivational push you need to reach your fitness goals.

2 ppl @ $35 per person
3-4 ppl @ $30 per person
5 ppl @ $25 per person


**All sessions are approx. 45 to 60 minutes.**

**Team training available upon request. **

**A gym membership is required for any of the Personal Training options, Excluding Team Specific Training**

**Personal Training payments are non-transferable to membership fees**

**Personal Training is non-refundable, but can be transferred to another member**

Contact Us below for more information, or e-mail about Personal Training at Lakeshore Recreation.


Interested in Personal Training Sessions? Let us know.

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