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Power Up Your Personal Triathlon Training

personal triathlon training

About this Podcast with Jen, Jeff and Lisa

In this podcast, Lisa, Jen and Jeff delve into the transformative power of personal training and gearing up for the highly anticipated Women's Triathlon event. This episode highlights a round-table discussion with personal trainers Lisa Oberbichler, Jennifer Dunbar, and Jeff Virgo, shedding light on the role personal training and Lakeshore Recreation can play in preparing women for this years Lakeshore Women's Triathlon.

Highlights and Timestamps

00:08 | Introduction to Personal Training

Our journey begins with an introduction to the world of personal training. The hosts, each bringing their unique perspective and experience, discuss why someone might consider hiring a personal trainer. From beginners feeling lost in the myriad of gym equipment to seasoned athletes aiming to smash personal records, a personal trainer can offer tailored guidance, motivation, and accountability.

03:39 | When to Hire a Personal Trainer

The conversation transitions into when it might be time to seek the expertise of a personal trainer. Whether you're not seeing results from your current routine, feeling intimidated by the gym environment, or simply needing a motivational boost, a personal trainer is your go-to for customized and effective workout plans.


06:06 | Approaching Personal Training Sessions

A crucial part of starting with a personal trainer is the approach to training sessions. Emphasizing the importance of coming in with an open mind and a positive attitude, the trainers underline that every session is a step towards your fitness goals, urging clients to focus on their personal progress rather than comparing themselves to others.

08:30 | The Initial Assessment Explained

Understanding the significance of an initial assessment or consultation, the team at Lakeshore Recreation details this critical first step. It's not just about setting goals but also understanding your body's current state, which helps in crafting a personalized fitness plan.

10:49 | Motivating Clients Towards Their Goals

Motivation is a two-way street. Our experts share their strategies for keeping clients engaged and motivated, from understanding their daily struggles to celebrating every small victory along the way.

13:11 | Personal Training Philosophies and Goals

Diving deeper, each trainer shares their personal philosophy towards training and their individual fitness goals. This segment is a testament to the belief that personal trainers not only talk the talk but also walk the walk.

18:46 | The Special Offer for Triathlon Preparation

As the discussion shifts towards the upcoming Women's Triathlon event, a special offer from Lakeshore Recreation is revealed. Triathletes showing proof of registration can train for three months while only paying for two, a deal designed to support their preparation journey comprehensively.

21:07 | Utilizing Lakeshore Recreation for Triathlon Training

Highlighting the facilities and classes at Lakeshore Recreation, the trainers outline how the gym is equipped to support triathletes in their training regimen. From strength training sessions to spin classes tailored for endurance building, every resource is aimed at ensuring athletes are triathlon-ready.

35:51 | Conclusion and Contact Information

Concluding the discussion, the trainers extend an invitation to listeners to take advantage of the personal training services, classes, and special offers available at Lakeshore Recreation. Contact information for each trainer is provided for those interested in starting their personalized fitness journey.


This blog post, inspired by a conversation among fitness experts, underscores the importance of personalized training in achieving fitness goals and preparing for demanding events like a triathlon. Lakeshore Recreation emerges not just as a gym but as a community dedicated to fostering strength, endurance, and personal growth.

Whether you're contemplating starting your fitness journey, aiming to conquer a triathlon, or seeking a community that supports and motivates, the doors of Lakeshore Recreation and the guidance of its skilled trainers await you.

Unlock Your Triathlon Potential with Our Exclusive Training Offer!

Are you gearing up for the Lakeshore Women’s Triathlon in Saugeen Shores? Transform your preparation with our tailor-made training special at Lakeshore Recreation! From now until July 20th, triathlon registrants have a unique opportunity: train for three months while only paying for two. That’s right, show proof of your triathlon registration and enjoy an extra month of training on us!

Our gym, diverse class offerings, and expert personal trainers are here to ensure you're in peak condition for race day. Whether it’s building endurance in our spin classes, strengthening your core with Pilates, or customizing your workouts with our personal trainers, Lakeshore Recreation is your one-stop destination for triathlon success.

Join our community of motivated athletes and first time participants and take the first step towards crossing that finish line stronger and more prepared than ever. Contact us today to get started and make this triathlon your best one yet.

Contact us for more details and to claim your special offer.

About Lisa Oberbichler

Lisa, a Certified Personal Trainer at Lakeshore Recreation, is renowned for her holistic approach to fitness and well-being. With over 30 years of experience in personal development, Lisa brings a wealth of knowledge to her role. Originally from a small town near Lake Huron, Canada, she spent 25 years in Vienna, Austria, enriching her global perspective. As a passionate life coach, she specializes in empowering women to unlock their full potential, guiding them to overcome fears, boost self-esteem, and pursue their aspirations with confidence. Outside the gym, Lisa is an avid hiker, a budding diver, and a devoted mom to her Jack Russell Terrier, Charlotte. Her unique blend of professional expertise and personal experiences makes her an invaluable asset to the Lakeshore Recreation community.

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