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Eight new pickleball courts are now open at Lakeshore Recreation in Saugeen Shores.

Lakeshore Recreation Owner Gord Mackay says they held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new courts at the facility on Monday after having previously converted their other courts for pickleball.

“We have a total of 16 courts now so that makes us one of the largest pickleball centers in western Ontario here now,” says Mackay.

He says they currently have 250 members but estimates that to grow to 500 in the summer season.

“We have a six-month season, we open in May and we keep them open right through the end of October. If you are into pickleball, you can play six months of the year,” says Mackay.

Mackay adds he thinks pickleball is going to be exploding in popularity even more than it is now.

“Right now it is the fastest growing sport in North America, but I think it’s only beginning. What’s happening is kids and older people are extending their racket life by 10 years.

These kids find it very easy to play so we have got kids playing with their grandparents and husbands and wives playing. It’s an easy game, it’s social and it’s easy to learn,” says Mackay.

More details on visiting Lakeshore Recreation can be found on its website here.

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