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Lakeshore Recreation Adds 8 New Pickleball Courts

Lakeshore Recreation Celebrates 41 Years with a Major Expansion of Pickleball Facilities and a Tribute to Tennis

Port Elgin, April 9, 2024 – This year marks an extraordinary milestone for Lakeshore Recreation, as we celebrate our 41st year as a cornerstone of recreation and sport in the Saugeen Shores and surrounding communities.

In honor of our rich history and looking forward to an exciting future, we are thrilled to announce a significant expansion of our pickleball facilities. By doubling the number of pickleball courts from eight to sixteen, we continue to adapt and grow with the evolving needs and passions of our community.

"As we unveil this significant addition to our pickleball facilities, we also take a moment to reflect on the sports that have shaped our community of Lakeshore Recreation. This expansion is a testament to the vibrant spirit of our members and the broader community, showcasing our dedication to providing diverse and inclusive recreational opportunities. With these new courts added, this may just be the largest Pickleball facility in Western Ontario.” - Gord Mackay, Owner.

In light of the expansion, we're excited to share words of support from the local pickleball community, the Saugeen Shores Pickleball Club, expressed enthusiasm about the project.

“Lakeshore has always been the home of the Saugeen Shores Pickleball Club. Since SSPC first started 12 years ago, we’ve grown from a total membership of about 40 people to an average of 60-80 people playing each morning!  Pickleball is booming everywhere and we’re excited that, with our growing membership, Lakeshore is growing too – this year we’ll have 16 courts!”

As we embrace the future of pickleball, Lakeshore Recreation extends its deepest appreciation to our tennis players, who have contributed immensely to our community over the years. The conversion of our remaining tennis courts into pickleball courts comes with heartfelt thanks to those who have shared countless matches on these grounds. Recognizing the rich tennis tradition at Lakeshore, we encourage our tennis enthusiasts to join the Southampton Tennis Club, where the legacy of racquet sports continues with vigor and camaraderie.

The new pickleball courts are slated for completion this spring, with a grand opening celebration to follow. Stay tuned for more details on the event and how you can get involved in leagues, tournaments, and social play.

For media inquiries and further information, please contact General Manager, Barb Abell here.

We invite all members and the Port Elgin community to join us in this exciting new chapter at Lakeshore Recreation. Together, let's continue to build a vibrant, active community through the love of sport, fitness and active living.

We encourage Pickleball enthusiasts to subscribe online for updates and the opening of our Pickleball courts and programs.

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