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How to Play Squash

Updated: May 22

how to play squash

How to Play Squash - The Basics

If you’re new to squash or starting to play again this video gives you a well rounded overview on the basics of squash. 

The video covers court layout, warm-up process, types of squash balls, serving rules and techniques, and the four main shots: straight drive, drop shot, boast, and cross court. 

It also explains the rally structure, referee's role (in competitive match play), and key terms like let, no let, stroke, handout, not up, out, and fault. The session conclude with details on scoring, emphasizing that matches are best of five games, each going to 11 points, with a two-point lead required if the score ties at 10.

Video Segments

Squash Court Layout: Zoe describes the squash court as a box-like space with a front wall, two sidewalls, and a back wall. She explains the court markings, including the half-court line, short line (forming the 'T'), service boxes, the tin (bottom line indicating out area), service line, and the top outline (indicating out area above it).

Warm-Up and Squash Balls: She stresses the importance of warming up with a hollow rubber squash ball, which doesn't bounce well when cold. Zoe mentions different types of balls like the Dunlop double yellow dot (common in training and competition), single yellow dot, and blue dot balls, each varying in bounce.

Serving Rules and Techniques: The tutorial covers serving rules, such as the server's position, ball hitting the front wall first between specific lines, and crossing certain court lines. She explains what constitutes a fault in serving and the alternating pattern of serving from right and left boxes.

Four Main Shots in Squash:

  1. Straight Drive: Hitting the ball to rebound straight down the sidewall towards the back.

  2. Drop Shot: An attacking shot aimed to move the opponent from back to front.

  3. Boast: Hitting the ball into the sidewall at an angle before it hits the front wall.

  4. Cross Court: Aiming the ball towards the middle of the front wall to land on the opposite court side.

Rally Structure: Zoe describes the rally process, starting with a serve and alternating hits. She clarifies that the ball must hit the front wall above the tin and below the outline and can bounce only once on the ground before being hit.

Join Us and Start Playing!

Lakeshore Recreation has two international regulation sized courts in Port Elgin. Plus an active group of players, an active squash program including Wednesday night league, a box ladder and instruction. Contact us to arrange a tour and a squash assessment.

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