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Lakeshore Recreation Member Wins Men’s D Plate Event at Ontario Open Championships

This past weekend Lakeshore Recreation members David Reid and Chris Herbert participated in Squash Ontario’s 2024 Provincial Championships in the Men’s D and B divisions respectively. Both opted to participate in the letter divisions instead of age categories to test their metal against players half their age or younger.

Lakeshore Recreation member David Reid, on the right, serving at 2024 Ontario Open Championships

This was David’s first tournament competition for some time and a test to see how he competed against provincially ranked D (3.0 to 3.5 skill rating) level players. David’s goal was to win one game which he exceeded by winning a match and winning the plate event. Congratulations! | Draw sheet.

Chris Herbert, the finalist in the 55+ closed provincials earlier this year, fought hard in the B (4.5 to 5.0 skill level) draw losing in five in the first round and extending the number 2 seed to four games in the consolation round bowing out in the quarter finals. | Draw sheet

Thanks to our friends and family that came to watch and spur us on! 

About the 2024 Ontario Open Championships

Over 180 players, women and men of all ages and levels participated in this year's tournament held in Toronto, at Mayfair Lakeshore. Thanks and recognition to OnTab and The Richards Group for sponsorship and support


Women and Men’s Open Finals an International Affair!

In the Men’s Open draw, Nigeria’s Adegoke Onaopemipo defeated Ecuador’s Javier Emilio Romo Lopez. | Draw sheet.

Iran’s Niki Shemirani defeated Canada’s Raya Singh in the Women’s Open draw. | Draw sheet.

Watch the Women's and Men's finals. Men's start at 4:24:18 mark and women's at the 5:16:48 mark in the replay below.

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