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stag & doe

Stag and Doe's at Lakeshore    


Our banquet hall is a great place to host your stag and doe.  The large open space is big enough to hold tables, chairs, areas for games and the large wooden dance floor is perfect for dancing the night away!  


The beautiful area at The Pines is also an option for your stag and doe.  Live music, large area for games, it's the perfect place to have your stag and doe under the stars!


You don't need a guest list and we have a capacity of 300 inside at our Banquet Hall and 700 outdoors at The Pines.


Whichever location you choose, we take care of the general set up/take down, provide the liquor license and bar set up with smart serve qualifed staff.  A key advantage to having your stag and doe here is the free advertising directly on our signage on HWY 21 for maximum exposure.  You can take advantage of ticket sales, different game ideas and perhaps hold a silent auction to make some extra money.  We have all kinds of ideas to help you plan the perfect event!  Contact our Event Coordinator at 519-832-9029.

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