Covid Protocols: As the province of Ontario announced September 1, 2021 that a vaccine passport requiring two doses of vaccine will be required to enter gyms effective September 22nd, 2021, Lakeshore Recreation is putting the following policy in place:

All entry into Lakeshore Recreation will require vaccination proof of at least one dose of the vaccine to be shown to Reception prior to entry.  After providing proof of vaccine we will note it on your file for future entry.  Effective September 22nd 2021, as per Provincial guidelines, proof of two vaccines will be required for entry.

All people entering Lakeshore Recreation will be actively screened, wear a mask when moving throughout the facility (optional when engaging in a fitness activity or to consume food or drink), remain at least 2 metres apart from other people, and regularly clean equipment and hand washing.

Non-compliance of any of the above will prohibit entry unless prior contact has been made and accommodations given by the General Manager/Owner at generalmanager@lakeshorerecreation.com


During all 3 provincially mandated closures Lakeshore Recreation froze memberships and will add the closed time to memberships upon reopening.  Our last closure was on April 3, 2021.  All memberships will be reactivated on opening day -TBA.  We will add whatever remaining time you had on your membership starting the day we reopen. 

Group Fitness Classes:

All participants will stay on their 'spot' which is a minimum of 10 feet from the next closest person.  The maximum allowed in class at this time will be 22 based on the 10 foot guideline.

Tennis & Pickleball Courts:

For the remainder of the 2021 season we will not be booking courts as we focus our efforts on indoor challenges.  Continue to show up, play and enjoy the courts as we have done since April.  Thank you for your honesty in buying memberships, doing e-transfers and slipping payments through the doors.  Your support has been appreciated.

Services Available:

Showers will be open. There will be no towel service, saunas, whirlpool or babysitting at this time.

Please recognize that we are all doing our best under stressful times to keep staff and members healthy while complying with Provincial legislation.  We are happy to be re-opening again and we are happy to have you back.



Covid Response Plan

Covid Safety Plan