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The focus of the ‘LAKESHORE LIFESTYLE’ is to make lifestyle changes that are realistic, sustainable and continue indefinitely so you can maintain them for the long term.  Side effects may include:  increase in self-esteem, increase in energy level, decrease in stress level, weight loss, more smiling, etc.


Challenge leaders






Karen Fehr

Certified personal trainer


The Challenge runs from Monday, January 16th - Monday, March 13th

How to register:

  1. Register by emailing  Everyone must be a member of Lakeshore Recreation for the duration of the Challenge.

  2. E-Transfer $125 to  *You could pay cash at our Reception also

  3. Complete a Questionnaire and sign a Rules sheet.  One per person. *see below     Scan completed copies to or drop off hard copy at Reception



services provided


What will you get for your $125?

• Measurements & Pictures prior to and at the end of the Challenge

• A private consult with Karen Fehr, Certified Personal Trainer

• A private consult with Hannah Greig, Registered Holistic Nutritionist. It should be completed prior to program commencement. (Could also be by telephone or Zoom call)
• Weekly meal plans for each participant to follow
• Food journal template
• Weekly accountability check ins from Hannah & Karen
• There will be several ‘special classes/lectures’ available to participants in the Challenge. These sessions may include but are not limited to healthy eating & cooking, setting realistic goals, exercise strategies for weight loss, etc. Days and times TBA.
• A ‘private’ Facebook page will be set up for all participants in the Challenge along with Hannah and our Personal Trainers. This is a page for motivational posts, education and ongoing support.
• 15% off of personal training (any trainer) or sessions with Hannah  for all participants



  • Prize (s) for the biggest changes in body measurements

  • Prize for member(s) who made the most ‘lifestyle’ changes (this is subjective and based on changes in activity level, nutrition, attitude, etc) and will be decided by Challenge leaders


*Prizes will include an additional month membership, a two-month supply of Hannah's favorite protein powder & Lakeshore swag*


Participants must use healthy weight loss methods including a healthy balanced diet and exercise.

Any participant who decides not to continue with the Challenge is disqualified from any cash or prizes.  A refund of the entry fee will not be provided. 


If you are using unhealthy weight loss practices you will be disqualified.  These include, but are not limited to weight loss surgery, use of diet pills, laxatives supplements, starvation colonics, fad diets, etc.  If there is any question, these or any other ‘unhealthy weight loss’ practises will be determined by the LAKESHORE LIFESTYLE CHALLENGE Leaders.

If a participant is disqualified for unhealthy weight loss practices they will not be issued a refund, nor will they be eligible for prizes. 




You should consider consulting a health care professional before altering your diet or exercise regime, especially if you’d have previous health concerns.

The LAKESHORE LIFESTYLE CHALLENGE Leaders reserve the right to make changes or clarifications to the rules at any time.    Their decisions will be unbiased and fair based on the information they have and to the best of their knowledge. 

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